About This Site

I love football.

I especially love the Packers.

I love talking about football, too – especially the Packers. It’s hard to find the time in everyone’s busy schedules to get together or even get on the phone and talk about the Packers, though. So my friends and I were usually relegated to email.

We’d send long emails, sometimes obnoxiously long (which is cool, because I’m obnoxious) and, over time, we’d try to hunt down old threads, we’d continually add people to the chains, and it all got hard to sift through.

So I made a site.

Now I can spout my bullsh!t to the whole world in one easy-to-ignore location.

I’m not doing this to make a name for myself (I actually try to remain anonymous) or make money (because most ads p!ss me off when I’m trying to read an article and I don’t want to p!ss anyone else off with that nonsense), I just like talking about the Packers. I do most of it on Twitter, but the longer ideas and analysis are housed here. A couple of my friends even contribute their thoughts once in a while. I think that’s pretty cool.

Hope you enjoy it.

Bruce Irons