2018 Draft Preview: Cornerbacks

Current State

  • Kevin King is their future stud CB. I’m still quite high on him. Like Davante Adams did in his 2nd season, be played hurt. People were ready to give up on Davante, and I see people questioning Kevin. He has size, speed, tenacity, and a corner mentality. He’s still young, and he should make the 2nd year jump. I’m very happy with what they have in him.
  • Tramon Williams is one of my favorite Packer personalities of all time. He’s such a great dude, and he applies his greatness to his position. He’s prepared, smart, and resourceful. He’s old for a CB, but he still played well last year. If he’s 80% of what he was last year, he’ll be better than anyone else lower on the depth chart. He also brings leadership. I loved this signing.
  • Signing the veteran Davon House is also a good move. He’s not great, but he is serviceable and acts like a pro. I love the stability that Tramon and Davon bring.
  • I still have hopes for Quinten Rollins. I was really hoping that Whitt could develop this guy, but the clock is ticking. He also needs to stay healthy.
  • Josh Hawkins is better than people think. I like him as a backup.
  • I have no idea why Demetri Goodson is still around. Ted must have seen something he really like, but I would be surprised if Gute keeps him. He can’t stay healthy, and when he actually has been healthy, he hasn’t done much.
  • Herb Waters is a good guy that is giving the position switch a good run. I like it, but he better really step it up this year to even make it to #5 on the depth chart.
  • Donatello Brown and Lenzy Pipkins have each showed some flashes, but they need to have consistency.

With all the talent they have at the position, nothing has long term stability. King should be that guy, but he’s coming off a rookie season where you still don’t know. Tramon and House will likely be gone in a year or 2. Nothing is a given with Rollins. They Packers need to start developing the next wave of corners NOW. I’d like at least 2, probably 3, and I wouldn’t be upset with 4. They have a lot of picks, and I wouldn’t mind taking some extra talent and hope one really hits. Sort of 1999 with Antuan Edwards, Fred Vinson, and Mike McKenzie. The highest one didn’t turn out, they traded Vinson, and McKenzie was a stud.

Draft Outlook

1st Round

The person I’d be most excited about is Denzel Ward. He has elite speed, and played at a premier program. He is a little undersized, but he plays at a high level.

Even smaller is Jaire Alexander. The strong comp for him is Chris Harris Jr. If he turns out to be that good, you can take him almost anywhere in the draft. Personally, I’d rather it not be #14, but if everyone else I like is gone, he would be first on my next tier. He WON’T be there in the 2nd.

2nd Round

People really like Josh Jackson. I’m ok with him in the 2nd, but #14 is way too high for me.

Mike Hughes is a bit of a gamble, but if he’s 1 of 3, I’d take that gamble.

Isaiah Oliver ran a little slow for a top tier corner, but he’s bigger and seems like a safe bet

3rd Round

I know that Quenton Meeks is often ranked all over the board. For me, I think I’d go as high as the 3rd round. He’s a 6’2” tape junkie/technician. Plays press well and is high character. He looked good in his gauntlet. Maybe I’m just getting soft for Stanford guys, but they have all been non-flashy solid guys. My gut tells me the Packers are going to be watching him closely.

4th+ Rounds

Some guys that I’m also interested in are Rashaan Gaulden, Dane Cruikshank, Donte Jackson, and Holton Hill. I’ve seen them ranked all over the place, but I’d take any of them on day 3.



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