3 Questions: Packers vs Bears – 2022 Week 2

The Packers got spanked on the road by the Vikings to open the season. Time to lick their wounds and come home to host the Bears.

Like the Vikings, the Bears have a new coach and Matt Eberflus is undefeated so far.

Eberflus is a defensive coach, though, so he went ahead and hired Luke Gesty (formerly the Packers quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator) to be his offensive coordinator.

He’s tasked with getting the most out of Justin Fields and some fast young receivers, but this week, he’ll also be spilling the beans on everything he knows about his former team.

Here are the 3 biggest questions that will determine the outcome of the game:

  1. Can Matt LaFleur mix it up? With Luke Getsy knowing all the ins and outs of the Packers offense after being in Green Bay since Matt LaFleur joined the team, it will be critical to mix things up and make some changes so the Bears can’t tee off on their tendencies.
  2. Can the Packers secondary rebound? Jaire Alexander, Eric Stokes, and Rasul Douglas form the best trio of cornerbacks in the league… or so we thought. They sure didn’t look like it last week. Can they play better against a team that doesn’t have a top-3 receiver?
  3. Can Special Teams have another non-disaster? The special teams unit last week was lukewarm mediocre. That’s another way of saying they were ten times better than last year. However, last year, special teams almost lost them the Bears game. Can keep up the decent work?


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