3 Questions: Packers vs Giants – 2022 Week 5

The Packers are stringing some wins together.

They aren’t all pretty, but they count just the same.

Now they’re across the pond for a road home game against the Giants, who have also managed to grind out 3 not-pretty wins.

The Packers are getting healthy, while the Giants are pretty beat up.

But, as the the Patriots showed us last week, nothing can be taken for granted in the NFL.

Here are the 3 biggest questions that will determine the outcome of the game:

  1. Will Joe Barry Finally Stack The Box? The Giants have no healthy receivers. Not literally, but almost. Their top 4 will all miss the game and they weren’t that deep to begin with. Meanwhile, Daniel Jones has the 3rd most rushing yards of any QB in the league (31st overall among all players) and Saquon Barkley is at his career best with the most rushing yards in the NFL. The Packers abstained from putting 8 (or even 7) in the box in seemingly obvious rushing situations before – will he do it again?
  2. Is The Offensive Line Going To Gel? The Packers have a ton of talent on the offensive line, but their best two players are coming back from injury and the unit is still getting familiar with each other, which has led to some breakdowns. Will they finally come together this week?
  3. Will Biorhythms Ruin Everything? The flight across the Atlantic can cause some serious jet lag. This can make things even harder in an endeavor as violent as professional football. Will it put the Packers in a funk?


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