3 Questions: Packers vs Patriots – 2022 Week 4

The Packers come home after a hard fought victory in Tampa Bay.

Now they’re back home to host what looks like a hopeless Patriots team missing starting quarterback Mac Jones.

The Packers had a bit of an uneven beginning to the season (again), but seem to have come together last week.

While the Patriots look ripe for the picking, nothing can be taken for granted in the NFL.

Here are the 3 biggest questions that will determine the outcome of the game:

  1. Can the defense keep it up? The Packers defense came up big time against Tampa Bay, but they’ve had moments of weakness in every game. Can they put it all together and dominate and team they should dominate?
  2. Can Christian Watson catch? Watson is back to full health after an early season injury. After questions about his hands in college, he started his pro career by dropping a perfect bomb that could have given his team some much-needed momentum in a game they lost. Most of his catches have come on short routes, but his speed is his trademark. Can he take advantage of his opportunities today?
  3. Can the Packers avoid injuries? The Packer are heavily favored to win this game (and rightfully so). Health is more important to this season than whooping up a non-conference opponent. Can the Packers play hard, get the win, and still come away with without any major injuries?


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