Add Tramon Williams To The List Of People Who Aren’t Coming Back

Yes, Tramon is now a free agent corner.

Yes, the Packers need better play out of their corners than they got last year.

Yes, Tramon knows this defense very well.

No, he’s not coming back.

Is he open to it?

Almost certainly.

Why not then?

Well, Timmy when cornerbacks get old, they slow down and when cornerbacks slow down, they get beat deep and when cornerbacks get beat deep, games get lost and when games get lost, people get fired.

People don’t like getting fired.

Look, I love Tramon. I love how he came in undrafted from La Tech and battled and pushed to earn a roster spot and then become a Pro Bowler. I love how he leans on his faith. I love how he dominated the 2010 playoffs.

But he was 32 when he left two years ago. It was time then. Now he’s 34 and it’s probably retirement time.

Since he left, the Packers took a corner with their first two picks twice in three drafts. They also signed Davon House (which I didn’t see coming, but that should only add to the unlikelihood that they bring back another free agent). Throw in the development of another UDFA in Ladarious Gunter and you’re getting an awful lot of young guys competing for time.

So many, in fact, that you don’t need an old guy like Tramon right now.

Veteran presence?


The Packers have young leaders on defense like Mike Daniels and Ha Ha to go with vets who set an example like Clay Matthews and Letroy Gu… uh, Ricky Jean-Francois.

And he’s not going to coach up young guys any better than Joe Whitt, Jr.

Packer fans always have a soft spot for former players and that’s understandable, but this move just doesn’t make sense.

Also, let Tramon’s situation be a reminder that when the Packers let a free agent go, he rarely plays out the deal.

Ted knows when it’s time to cut bait and he was right with Tramon.

He was great. We don’t have a roster spot for him now. Such is life.

He’ll always be a Packer. Just, you know, not on the actual roster.

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