Does Anyone Care If Brett Favre Doesn’t Have His Super Bowl Jersey?

For that matter, does anyone care if Tom Brady doesn’t have his Super Bowl jersey?

I sure the heck don’t, but everyone else on the internet can’t seem to shut up about it.

Ok, Brett, you were absolutely amazing, truly one of a kind. You were incredible to watch and one of the most entertaining, competitive, and inspiring players of all time.

Then you turned your legend into s soap opera, sent some d!ck pics, and joined the Vikings.

We reconciled after feelings cooled, but you started the soap opera stuff again, then, too.

Now, after your Hall of Fame induction, which is the last gasp of attention for most legends, you’re back. Tom Brady loses his jersey and you jump up to say “Me too!” like some brain-dead AOLer.

Now every football site on the internet (me included now, I guess) is reporting on it.

If you needed a little more attention, you got it.

You were supposed to ride off into the sunset on your tractor and fade away from all this. That was your aw-shucks appeal – how colorful legend fades into bittersweet goodbye.

Do it.

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