Don’t Be A Jackass When Your Team Loses

We all love football and we all want to see our teams win.

But guess what?

They’ll eventually lose.

Even if your team is really good and they make it to the playoffs, odds are 11 out of 12 that they’ll lose at some point in the playoffs.

When they do… don’t be a jackass.

be grateful that you got to watch a successful team. Remember the good times and great highlights and carry fond memories with you.

When you lose, odds are good that there will be a lot of jokes and memes about your team from your biggest rivals. If you can find the humor in them, you’ll probably have a better time than if you get all p!ssy over it and act like a little b!tch. All that does is give your rivals a laugh at your expense.

But however you choose to handle it, don’t single out a player to berate, insult, or threaten because you blame.

All that anger you’re feeling over a fame you had no impact on? That’s on you.

That guy who you think single-handedly ruined the game? He was busting his #ss to help your team win.

They were doing you a favor!

Look at this way: If someone was helping you move and a dropped box, what would you do? Light up their twitter account with insults and death threats?

No… at least I hope not. You’d be a pretty terrible human being if you did. So don’t do it for guys who are trying to help your team win, either.

The most recent example of this is Cody Parkey, but it also applies to Brandon Bostick and TJ Rubley and Scott Norwood and a huge number of players throughout history.

A football game involves over 100 people and dozens of coaches. I’ve long stated that it’s foolish to assign too much of the credit for a team accomplishment to one player and the same is true of blame.

And with over 100 plays each game, assigning the outcome to just one is silly, even if it is the last play.

Players and coaches always say they had more chances and it wasn’t just one play. Those aren’t press conference platitudes, they’re truths from the men who were in the battle.

You, angry fan, don’t know better than them.

Your anger means nothing.

Let it go.

But above all: don’t threaten these guys.

The obvious reason why is because you aren’t gonna do anything about it and you just look like an idiot.

Oh, I know, you’re a big tough guy and they’re just a kicker – they’re not even a real football players.

Well go check these picture of punter Steve Weatherford and see how you stack up.

Oh, but you’re bigger than that and you win bar fights and bench press dump trucks.


Is beating up some guy that tried to help you team win gonna change anything?


Is it gonna make you feel better?

If the answer is yes, you should probably stop watching football.

Grow up, tool.

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