Five Predictions: Packers vs Falcons – 2020 Week 4

Oh boy, we have a prime time game against a team that scores a ton of points and gives up even more – this should be fun!

So what’s gonna happen?

Here’s what we think:

  1. The defense finally gets its pass rush on and comes up with 3 sacks
  2. The Packers have a hard time stopping Todd Gurley at first contact and he gets 5 yards per carry
  3. The offense gets production from backs and ends to make up for injuries at receiver and they get 300 passing
  4. The lack of offensive continuity from injuries shows up and the Packers turn the ball over
  5. The Falcons go bombs away because they’re 0-3, COVID might end the season, and they’re going out in style – they’ll have more passing yards than the Packers

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