Game Review: at Lions – 2018 Week 5

Momentum is so important, we see it every week, and in this game, it was on center display from the get-go.

  • The Packers forced a punt on the Lions opening drive… but a questionable call gave the Lions the ball at the 1. They punched it in to go up 7-0.
  • The Ty Montgomery had a phenomenal return… which was called back by another questionable call.
  • Then the Packers march down the field… and miss a field goal.
  • The Lions get the ball back and Stafford throws an interception ball… and rookie Josh Jackson had his first rookie moment, embarassingly shuffle stepping back and mistiming a low jump, giving up a 60 yard play which led to the Lions going up 14-0.
  • MVS doesnt get his feet in and then Bakhtiari misses his first block since pee wee football and the Lions get a strip sack… Lions 17-0.
  • The Packers run almost every play and just waltz down the field running the ball against the worst run defense in the league.  So when they get to the 25, they just start taking shots at the end zone. They miss them all… then miss another field goal.
  • Then another touchdown for the Lions 24-0.

Every drive in the first half ended with a fumble or a missed field goal until they knealt to end the half.

The second half started with a thrill and the Packers got some momentum. They got a touchdown and a 2 point conversion. I started to get excited.

Then the defense got a stop, but now – you’re going to love this – looking at a player is literally a penalty the NFL will call on the Packers now. I now that complaining about the refs is loser talk, but we lost, so I’ll talk.

Ever since week 1, it has seemed like the NFL has been out to make an example of the Packers. It’s gone far beyond just ridiculous, game-changing fluffing the passer calls. Now looking at a player is taunting.


The momentum wavered, but then the Lions missed field goal (ha), bringing the momentum back, leading to another Packer touchdown.

The more nonsense from the refs. Two players are grabbing each other’s facemasks, so, naturally, they call it on the Packers. Momentum. It sparked a drive for the Lions that ended in a touchdown.

The just wasn’t enough time to come back. An Aaron Rodgers-led team can always make things interesting at the end, and if a Davante Adams touchdown had stood (they made the right call in replay), they may have had enough time and momentum to steal this game back.

They didn’t.

Aside from momentum, here are the things that stuck out to me:

  • The Packers are a fun bunch to watch. Down by 17 without the ball in the 4th, it still felt like they had a realistic chance to win.
  • Rodgers is not 100 percent. On the second drive of the third quarter, he had some pressure and basically spiked it. Normally, he loves dancing around that stuff. I appreciate the grit he showed on picking up a couple first downs with his legs, but he is not 100% (still better than QB2 for sure, though, just hope he gets healthy before the playoffs… if they make the playoffs).
  • Rodgers to Adams, even when they are both injured, is still pretty unstoppable.
  • I said it in March and I’ll say it again: I’d rather have Jordy Nelson than Jimmy Graham this year.
  • The lights. In the third quarter, Davante Adams had a ran a soul-crushing route and Rodgers threw what looked like a sure touchdown and Tae just plain lost it in the lights. This happened a lot throughout the game, starting with Josh Jackson in the first quarter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so many times in one pro game.
  • The rookie receivers got some valuable experience and learned some lessons… the hard way, unfortunately
  • The NFL refs are seriously bordering replacement levels.
  • Missing Jaire Alexander and losing Kevin King towards the end of the game, this defense actually held up pretty good – they had a lot of short fields to deal with, were solid on third down, and never looked lost while constantly fighting against momentum
  • The wind. Have kickers ever combined to miss 5 field goals (and an extra point) in a dome in one game without any blocks? After missing his first five kicks, I honestly wonder if Crosby had a personal issue this week.
  • TyMo and JWill showed what they have too. This is a great backfield.
  • I have long been a McCarthy defender… I’m not feeling like defending him as much this year…


Question of the week

This week’s question was how many carries and receptions Aaron Jones would get. He finished the game with 7 carries and 2 catches. That means the winner was @andrewp_wi won with a guess of 8 carries and 1 reception.


A look at how I fared in my predictions from the preview column:

Two of the Packers running backs top 70 yards Yeah, combined.
Jimmy Graham leads the Packers in receiving yards Nope.
The Packers will not have more passing TDs than rushing TDs Well this looks silly in hindsight.

Blake Martinez get double digit tackles Nope.
Kenny Clark finally gets a sack Nope.
The secondary picks off Stafford twice Nope.

JK Scott puts three punts inside the 20 Maybe if he had a chance to punt.

Packers 23, Lions 10 I had the Packers score right since Crosby hit that last-second field goal…


If you said before the game that Rodgers would throw for 442 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions (to Stafford’s 183 and 2) and Crosby would attempt 5 field goals, while Aaron Jones and JWill each averaged over 5 yards a carry (compared to 1.9 for Blount and 1.0 for Riddick with Kerryon Johnson injured), I may have thought they’d win.



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