Groundhog Ted Sees Shadow, Done With Free Agency Until May 9th

Ted really wore himself out signing all those tight ends, so he doesn’t have much energy for signing any more free agents. Besides, the Packers only have like $24 million in cap space anyways.

Nap time!

Now that pro days have ramped up, you can guarantee that Ted will be on the road most of the time anyways.

If there is some role player hanging around that no one else wants on the free agent pile, Ted probably won’t sign them until May 9th – that’s the date when you can sign free agents and not have them count against your compensatory formula.

Not that it matters, because there really isn’t anyone left worth signing. Whine all you want, Ted doesn’t care. Be patient, don’t expect much.

Honestly, though, it’s really not that bad.

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