How to enjoy this Packers season

Last weekend, the Packers lost to the current Super Bowl favorite, Buffalo Bills.  While the Packers showed some spark at times, it actually wasn’t that competitive of a game.  Now, at 3-5 with 9 games remaining, a one time Super Bowl favorite now faces a difficult path to even making the playoffs.


For many of us, the season has been one of utter frustration.  The Packers are underperforming.  The players seem to lack energy.  The coaching staff doesn’t seem to make the obvious corrections.  And now, the Packers make no trades at the trade deadline.  What is the point of all of this?!


According to WebMD, excessive frustration can have many negative impacts, including:

  • Feeling sad or anxious
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Turning to drugs and alcohol 
  • Bodily abuse
  • Irregular eating habits
  • Aggression.


So, if frustration with the Packers can create all these negative impacts, wouldn’t we all be better off just turning off the television and taking up a new hobby?


The answer is “no” unless you fail to take steps to reset yourself.  It all starts with asking yourself why you started following the Packers to begin with.  Did you start with the notion that the Packers would always play well and always meet your expectations?  I doubt it.


For me, I fell in love with certain players: Lynn Dickey, James Lofton, and John Jefferson.  I loved the thrill of big plays and occasional big wins.  I loved putting myself in the shoes of the coach or the GM.  What would I do in this situation?  I loved the offseason.  I pored over the college scouting reports and looking at who I thought the Packers should draft.  I loved training camp: the first glimpse of how the new players would mesh with the old.  Would this be the year?!  I loved the competition.  I loved the drama.  I loved the true unknown of it all.  Most of all, it was an opportunity to set aside real life for a while and immerse myself in something so exciting and fun.


So, if you’re finding yourself overly frustrated by the Packers season, I encourage you to turn off the social media negative echo chamber and change your mindset.  Go read a book.  Exercise.  Start a new hobby.  Spend time with loved ones.  Then, remind yourself that this is a game and a diversion from real life.  Change your mindset.  Look forward to each game.  Think about what you would love to see happen, but don’t expect it to.  And, most importantly, celebrate like a kid when good things happen!

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