In Defense of Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the most overrated athlete of all time.

In the most complex team sport in the world, where each game is impacted by over 100 players and dozens of coaches, he gets recognized as the sole reason, not just for victories, but for championships.

And the guy isn’t even on the field for half the plays.

The “QBWinz” and “Ringz” debates are laughable. Tom Brady has had a fantastic support cast and coaching staff (and some luck… and cheating rumors) every time he won a title.

He gets way too much credit as a player.

But today, I’m going to do something I hardly ever do: defend Tom Brady.

It has nothing to do with his on-field play, though.

I’m talking about his off-field situation, which I think should be a private matter, but people just won’t leave alone as they gleefully pile up on a guy who is clearly in a tough spot on a personal level.

One of the things I hate the most about sports conversations is when people forget that the players are human. They are almost always playing with some sort of pain and they have personal matters that impact their mood and performance on the field.

The people criticizing Tom Brady for his marriage troubles probably aren’t as courteous or efficient working at the drive-thru when they lose their Madden playoff game and their lottery tickets all come up losers. Personal issues impact our professional performance.

Tom Brady, who somehow keeps his body in phenomenal shape well into his 40’s, has played far below his standards this year. That’s to be expected when doing through a divorce, which is pretty much the most stressful thing a person can experience outside of death of a loved one.

And most of football-watching world seems to think it’s hilarious,

Worse, they blame him completely – they all seem to labor under the ridiculous delusion that the Tom and Gisele only got divorced because Brady came back for another year.

Stop and think about that for a second.

Do you think a power couple of a football idol and a supermodel, who have all the wealth they could possibly desire, have two kids together, and a joint mission to keep their health in unimaginably good shape, were living a picture perfect marriage and everything was great… until a 20+ year football vet said he wanted to play football another year?

Do you think that 9 month window would be enough to throw all that away?

I don’t.

Not by a long shot.

Solid, decade-old marriages don’t crumble on a single decision like that.

People don’t get divorced because one wants to do what he loves for one more year.

People get divorced when issues fester and linger and build. I believe Tom Brady’s marriage has had issues going on for years. Issues that we never knew about… because we shouldn’t know about the private inner workings of athlete’s marriages.

Believing that this marriage went from fantastic to divorce overnight because Brady wanted to play for another year is either willful ignorance or blatant stupidity. And the fact that anyone would get any sort of gratification because someone they see on tv and never met is going through life-altering crisis is pretty sick.

Athletes are people.

We should be kinder to people.

I think Tom Brady is wildly overrated and I want to see him lose football games.

But, my word, there is no reason for me to hope his personal life is reduced to shambles, or to believe that he had a perfect marriage and family life and intentionally threw it away to play football for another year.

That’s idiotic.

Set your phone down or step away from the keyboard and take a moment to try to understand the complex nuances that go into human relationships. This isn’t about one thing.

And then, when you understand that a little more, quit railing on a guy who is going through tough times.

Be a better person.


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