Let’s Not Roll The Dice on Lang, OK?

Lang’s career got off to a rocky start, but once he got his sh!t together, he’s been a premium starter at an undervalued position for 6 years and finally got a long overdue Pro Bowl nod last year.

Fun fact: in 2011, his first year as a starter, he had 4 tackles. I think that’s more than Ahmad Carroll ever had in a season.

Ok, so the phones are apparently cold before free agency, but there’s still time. What will Ted do? Who knows? What should Ted do? Sign TJ Lang! Guard is absolutely a position where 30 year-olds can sustain production.

It was a calculated risk to drop Sitton last year knowing that Lane Taylor could step up and it worked out. Taylor previously had some strong showings in preseason and spot duty, giving TT some confidence to pull the trigger, but who’s going to replace Lang?

Tretter? He’s just fine except for the month and a half he misses every year – plus he’s also a free agent.

Spriggs? Looks like he could develop, but he’s a tackle.

Murphy? I like his potential, but I like it even more when it’s sitting on the bench behind TJ Lang.

Barclay? Gaaaaaad! Noooooo!

TJ played a tough guy position like a man, battling through a broken foot to dominate last year. Ted needs to give him a solid offer. Then, Lang has to do his part and say “I’m a big boy who’s made millions and likes winning, so, approaching age 30, I don’t need a giant contract, just a reasonable one.”

Or go play for Minnesota, I’m sure they’ll stay in contention through September again.

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