NFL Draft 2023 Drinking Game!

The Packers For The Win: NFL Draft Drinking Game!

Hard Alcohol Shot

  • To kick off the draft
  • If a team in your conference makes a trade
  • If a player you wanted was taken just before your teams pick.

Beer Shots (or sip)

  • If a bow tie is worn by a a draft pick
  • If an analyst says the phrase “this guys a football player,”
  • If Goodell gets booed on stage 
  • If an analyst uses the word “Football IQ”
  • Someone mentions a different sport a player played
  • If a trade outside of your conference happens
  • Every time they show a teams “war room”. 

Finish your Beer

  • If a curse word slips out and makes it on air
  • If your team gets a player you had on your draft board
  • If a players old tweet gets mentioned. 


Drink responsibly folks! Have fun and make sure you mention how much fun you are having on twitter!

Junk McGee out!!!


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