Packers 2019 Mock Draft 11 – Edge Edge Edge!

In the last mock, I went in with a plan to get Edge early and double up if possible, but thinks didn’t work out.

This time this did.

It just shows how fragile a board is and how much things can change. I went for the best value at each tier and this is how things worked out:



Round 1

Teams went heavy Edge early, but I was still able to get Montez Sweat. He’s 6’5 with an even bigger wingspan at 84.5″. He’s long and agile with a great first step. He’ll need to add strength because he doesn’t have the elite flexibilty like the the Edge guys before him. Still a lot of potential and can build off his strong Senior Bowl showing.

When I got to 30, I was again amazed to see Brian Burns laying around so I snatched him up. He’s one of the guys with a cieling above the clouds. These boards have to catch up becuase unless he gets injured at the combine, I can’t fathom him being here.


Round 2

I don’t know why Dalton Risner, a 4 position lineman with all the tools to play well, keeps falling here, but he does. There was really no other player I felt fit this level to fill a need with any semblance of value near him. This just reinfocres the talent cliff that drops after this pcik


Round 3

The talent shelf definitely fell off and there was only one guy I felt was worth the pick, so I took him: Jaylon Ferguson, another Edge guy. Like Sweat, he’s 6’5, but instead of a freakish wingspan like Sweat, Ferguson has more room to add lean muscle mass. He’ll need it becuase he doen’t hae the elite flexibilty that the tier of Edge rushers above him has.


Round 4

With the 12th pick int he 4th, I took Darnell Savage, a complete safety who won’t be al All Pro, but should get the job done an be a great first step in rebuilding a devastated position group. I was sad to see Slot Receiver Penny Hart go a couple picks ahead, but this is still solid value.

With the 16th pick in the 4th, I took Zach Gentry to fill the need at Tight End.  Gentry is a big target and a good receiver with decent value as a positional blocker. I’d be fine with him starting, in large part due to my extremely low expectations from Tight Ends (thanks to years of heartache).


Rounds 5-7

I’m not doing this yet until my board gets more refined, but the best remaining players at the end of the round were:

  • OT Dennis Daley
  • WR DeMArkus Lodge
  • WR David Stills V



Well, Edge is the number one need for the team and this draft obliterated that need. The defense now has rushers they can rotate based on situation – Pettine should have a field day building fronts and formations with these guys. Savage helps out on the back-end too.

Risner bolsters the offensive line and Gentry is solid addition to the Tight End group. Overall, I’m not really disappointed to come out Edge heavy based on getting Savage and Risner to meet other needs.


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