Packers 2019 Mock Draft 12 – Really Offensive

This was a prime example of adapting strategy to how the board fell. The value did not align with the needs that I wanted, so I was left to figure out the best way to add as much value at as many needs as possible.

It’s not easy

Here is what happened:



Round 1

There was a rush of front line defenders in the early going (which happens a lot), so I had a choice between Rashan Gary and Montez Sweat. Gary strikes me as more of a defensive lineman who could play some Edge, so I went with Montez Sweat whose stature and wingspan remind me of Julius Peppers. Don’t get excited, though, he’s not the same athlete. Good burst and strength, he’s still a little stiff, but is the best pure Edge on the board at this point. I mean, the guy can do this:

By the time 30 rolled around, the top of my board was whipped. I could have went with Jeffery Simmons, a talented defensive lineman, but it’s a character risk so I played it safe this time and went with TJ Hockenson, the most complete Tight End in the draft – he’ll be a great target for Rodgers, but also a valuable blocker in the new approach to offense.


Round 2

For as bad as top of the board got beat up, there was a ton of talent worthy of the 12th pick in the 2nd round. I could have went pretty much any direction, but since I already was going offense, I added Josh Jacobs. Of all the players on the board, he’s the one who stands out the farther from the other options at his position. I’m not a fan of taking backs and receivers this high, but I’m also trying to get the most value I can and that’s the way this one played out.


Round 3

I’m very tempted to reach here for help on defense, but once again, I can’t pass up a superior value, no matter what position it is. I took Deebo Samuel, who I expect to dominate the slot next year and I’m ecstatic he’s available in the 3rd.


Round 4

I finally hit a place where value met need and took Tytus Howard, a big tackle prospect who gate the top rushers fits all week during Senior Bowl practices.

With the second pick in the 4th, value met need again, this time ont he defensive side of the ball, where safeties were plentiful. I’m not a JaQuan Johnson guy, though he seems to be a popular pick around here and I also see a lot of guys projecting Mike Edwards in the 4th, but I haven’t seen anything to warrant it (maybe they’re looking for different systems). However, I keep taking Darnell Savage here and it’s not just for the jersey – he doesn’t have a glaring weakness and was the best DB at Senior Bowl practices


Round 5-7

Still not going that deep, but top targets on the board include:

  • LB Dakota Allen
  • WR DeMarkus Lodge
  • TE Zach Gentry
  • OT Chuma Edoga
  • OT Dennis Daley
  • G Garrett Brumfield

With all these guys available, I may have to start going deeper into the draft with the next mock.



Montez Sweat isn’t my first choice at 12 (he’s probably like my 7th or 8th choice at 12), but he’s good enough to fill the first big hole on defense. However, I never, ever, ever thought I’d do a mock where the next 4 picks came up offense.

I couldn’t pass up the value, though – it’s four starters and three of them are number one at their position (counting Slot Receiver as a position).

It’s the kind of draft that if I just looked at the results without context I would think whoever did it was an idiot, but knowing how the board fell, I think it was a really good haul.

I like Sweat and Savage to pump up the D (what a couple great names for defense), but I would be pretty pumped to see what LaFluer would do with Hock, Jacobs, and Deebo on offense.


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