Packers 2019 Mock Draft 32 – We Won’t Need A Free Agent Safety

The draft comes after free agency based on the current CBA. The players wanted it that way. Old vets didn’t want to let teams see if they could be replaced in the draft before deciding if they wanted to sign them or not. It would work out better for teams if they could draft first as this one shows we wouldn’t need ET or Landon Collins if things went this way.

Here’s the results:


Round 1

Montez Sweat (Edge) The Packers need help at Edge in a big way and now that the Combine is done, the pecking order is shaking out. Montez Sweat was firmly established as a top 6 Edge guy, but after the Combine, he’s more of a top 3 or 4 Edge guy. Not only did he put on 20 pounds to his 6’5 frame, but he ran a 4.41 40 yard dash. We knew he was a blur off the line who could use his huge 84.5″ wingspan to force fumbles, but with straight line speed like that, he looks even more freakish. For reference, Jordy ran a 4.51 and Davante ran a 4.56 so, yeah, dude can fly.

Devin Bush (ILB) The Packers also need a little more fire at Inside Linebacker. Devin Bush is built for power at 5’11 237. Sideline to sideline speed shines at the Combine where he ran a 4.44 40. He’s smart, rangy, and can shoot gaps. He ‘s not a thumper, but he can hit with tackling form that is mildly better than Devin White. I have no idea why this year’s crop of Inside Linebackers seem to be shoulder tacklers, but Bush is about as good as it gets.  


Round 2

Johnathan Abram (S) Farther back on defense, the Packers need safety help. Johnathan Abram is not your rangy, ball-hawking Free Safety, but he is a very tough box safety with an attitude for hitting. He doesn’t have great coverage skills and his ball skills may lack, but he will set a physical tempo, is smooth in transitions, and his 4.45 40 time at the Combine shows he has the speed to run with anyone even if he’s not a natural in coverage.


Round 3

Connor McGovern (G/C) To get some help on the interior line, I went with Connor McGovern. He’s very fluid with his mobility and combo blocks but also has the ability to absorb bull rushers. He has some technique issues to clean up with hand placement, but Matt Miller thinks he has the most potential of any Guard in the class.


Round 4

Darnell Savage (S) Remember when I said all the things that Johnathan Abram isn’t? Well Darnell Savage is! One of the fastest players in the class with a 4.36 40, he has great range and is a ballhawk with the play-making skills to turn turnovers into touchdowns. He also has the best coverage skills of all the safeties in the class. He’s not an in-the-box safety, which makes him a perfect complement to Abram.

Jace Sternberger (TE) My clear-cut number 4 Tight End in a tier by himself has long been Jace Sternberger. He has a lot of college experience with inline blocking, showing technique and willingness, but strength could limit how much he can do that in the pros. Still a solid blocking prospect. He ran an average 4.75 40, but his route-running ability increases his playing speed. Great hands and catch-radius, he’s a very well-rounded Tight End. 


Round 5

Khalen Saunders (DL) There’s not a lot of 320 pound circus elephants that can do backflips, but Khalen Saunders can do it. He’s not the power-rusher that his frame indicates, but has a lot of agility to move through the line plus a nice collection of hand, spin, and swim moved that he used to dominate Senior Bowl practices. He needs some conditioning work, but should fit nicely as a rotational lineman right out of the gate.


Round 6

Penny Hart (WR) As a Combine snub, I’m really hoping Penny Hart sticks around this late. He’s short at 5’8, but he doesn’t have a slight build at 180. He runs in the 4.3s and no one could cover him at the Senior Bowl 

Garrett Brumfield (G) To get some more help on an offensive line that lacks depth, I grabbed another great zone blocking prospect in Garrett Brumfield. Aggressive in run blocking, he doesn’t have the strength to blast open holes. However, he has all the movement skills to fit in zone blocking along with some strong pass protection ability.


Round 7

Montre Hartage (CB) I finished up with a developmental corner prospect in Montre Hartage. He shows a lot of smarts in reading Quarterback to go with a scrappy, disruptive approach to coverage. Very disruptive with his hands, he has good footwork to make up for his lack of top-end speed.



Sweat, Bush, and Abram will put some immediate attitude and fire into the defense. These guys will make for a nasty attitude that Mike Daniels will love. Sweat also has a penchant for forcing fumbles while Savage is a nice ballhawk on the back end for a defense that struggled to generate turnovers.

McGovern and Brumfield will round out the interior offensive line and Sternberger and Hart can be immediate role players.

This draft lacked a solid Right Tackle to back up oft-injured Brian Bulaga, but checked most of the boxes for need


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