Postgame Notes: Browns Packers 2017 Week 14

Well it was hard to get through this extremely exciting game without immediately being sucked into Rodgers talk, but let’s look at the big things that stuck out from Sunday’s win in Cleveland.

  • David Bakhtiari made Myles Garrett (and everyone else who lined up across from him) disappear; he also blocked two dudes at once multiple times – usually 2-on-1 blocking works the other way around
  • Josh Gordon is one talented douchebag
  • Davante Adams gonna get paid
  • Trevor Davis kept screwing up until he finally screwed up into something good – and basically did that wrong, too
  • Jeff Janis is an amazing punt gunner, but many people don’t seem to get it
  • Brett Hundley showed a lot of poise and never seems to get rattled
  • The last few games made me wonder if Mike McCarthy’s game plan includes a whole bunch of amazing sure-fire plays that he saves for when he really, really needs him
  • I don’t think there’s a lot of guys in the league capable of doing what CM3 did when he forced that interception – stats don’t accurately measure his impact
  • I thought Aaron Jones was the man, but Jamaal Williams seems to think otherwise
  • Spriggs had a decent game, but it’s hard to tell if that was because he’s improving or because the game plan had quick passes

2 thoughts on “Postgame Notes: Browns Packers 2017 Week 14”

    1. Pretty much, but I think Janis is even better. For as much as this staff loved Jarrett Bush (who I was never a big fan of), I guess it’s not a surprise that they stick with Trevor Davis – both of them were great at making terrible decisions.

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