Prediction Results: Packers at Chiefs – 2019 Week 8

What a battle! Who saw this coming? To keep me honest again, Stude is going to be doing the grading again this week to go with my commentary. Here’s the results from the Pregame Predictions: Packers at Chiefs – 2019 Week 8:

Patrick Mahomes doesn’t play, no matter how many videos the Chiefs post of him walking up and down the field
Score: 1.0

Aaron Rodgers won’t get sacked more than once
This perhaps deserves a negative score. He was on the run all night, hit 12 times, and sacked 5.
Score: 0.0 (Editor’s note: I was really surprised at how much pressure the Packers offensive line allowed in this game, considering their injuries)

Mecole Hardman breaks a big return
He was good in kick returns, punt returns, and in the passing game. The “big” play was in the passing game though, so half credit.
Score: 0.5

The Packers multi-pronged rushing attack gets at least 150 yards
They only rushed for 118 yards so no full credit. But, with Aaron Jones getting 159 more through the air, I think the essence of what the running backs would deliver was fulfilled. 
Score: 0.8 (Editor’s note: The versatility and unpredictability of Matt LaFleur’s offense continues to impress me)

Matt Moore hesitates and gets sacked at least 3 times
Unsurprisingly, Reid called a game that fit Moore perfectly. He didn’t really hesitate much after the first 2 drives. He was sacked twice and hit 7 times.
Score: 0.5

No Emmanuel Sanders, no problem
Not when you have Aaron Jones. Really though, what great calls by LaFleur.
Score: 1.0

The Packers (who rank 6th in the league for fewest penalty yards) will have fewer penalty yards than the Chiefs (who rank 28th)
Packers were penalized 4 times for 25 yards and the Chiefs were penalized 3 times for 30 yards. Both of those numbers were probably lower than expected, but the prediction was right.
Score: 1.0

The Packers rush for as many TDs (or more) than they pass for 
The Packers ran for 1 and passed for 3. Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams each had 2 account for all 4 of their touchdowns. Partial credit because it was all running backs.
Score: 0.5

Packers 31, Chiefs 20
Got the outcome correct, the Packers score exactly, and the Chiefs score was only off by 4. This is a great prediction.
Score: 1.0


Total Predictions: 9
Total Score: 6.3
Percentage: 70.0%


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