Prediction Results: Packers at Lions – 2019 Week 17

The Packers won. We saw that coming… but there were some surprises. Here’s how we fared in our predictions from Pregame Predictions: Packers at Lions – 2019 Week 17

Smiths combine for multiple sacks
Preston got hurt and Za’Darius didn’t get credit where I thought he would have, so they got blanked.
Score: 0.0

Packers get at least 35 minutes of possession
They got 34:56, so I’m giving myself full credit.
Score: 1.0

Lions bust out a trick play
They did and it was glorious.
Score: 1.0

Davante Adams gets a TD
He’s the go-to.
Score: 1.0

Lions get less than 100 yards rushing
They only had 171 yards on 25 carries for a 6.8 yard average per carry.
Score: 0.0

Packers get multiple takeaways after the Lions had 0 turnovers last week
They only got one.
Score: 0.5

Mason Crosby doesn’t miss
… when it counted.
Score: 0.7

Tim Boyle some garbage time action
I wish.
Score: 0.0

Packers 27, Lions 10
Well, I got close on the Packers number and I got the winner right.
Score: 0.5

Total Predictions: 9
Total Score: 4.7
Percentage: 52.2%


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2 thoughts on “Prediction Results: Packers at Lions – 2019 Week 17”

  1. Shenanigans!

    .7 on the Crosby prediction, really? .5 on the multiple takeaways feels too generous. I’d probably also dock .1 on the time of possession.

    Someone has clearly payed-off the refs!

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