Prediction Results: Packers vs Broncos – 2019 Week 3

In last weeks preview of the Packers – Broncos game, we made some bold predictions. Let’s see how those worked out: 


Aaron Rodgers continues to improve and tosses 3 TDs and finally breaks the 210 yard passing mark
I think Aaron Rodgers did improve a bit. If Bob Tonyan runs his route on the perfect deep ball Rodgers chucked to him and if Danny Vitale gets another inch, Rodgers has 3 scores. Even without those plays, and in spite of the drops, he still had plenty of yards, in the rain. I’m giving myself partial credit here.
Score: 0.7

Joe Flacco gives the Packers their biggest test yet, outperforming what Trubisky and Cousins did against Green Bay
With all these terrible quarterbacks, it’s a muddle to sort through who was a bigger test.
Score: 0.6

Phillip Lindsay breaks a big run
He was churning out yards between the tackles all day (like I said he would in the preview) and broke swing pass for 36 yards.
Score: 1.0

Elgton Jenkins finally gets more snaps than Lane Taylor
Taylor’s move to IR made this a certainty, but I’m still giving myself full credit.
Score: 1.0

Jaire Alexander locks down and doesn’t give up a close play like he has been doing
If I could give myself more than a 1.0, I would. That strip of Noah Fant was a thing of myth.
Score: 1.0

MVS Shines
He led the team in catches (6), yards (99), and had a big touchdown to get the game moving.
Score: 1.0

Bryan Bulaga and David Bakhtiari mostly neutralize Von Miller, but he still gets a sack
What was I thinking? No way Bak and Bulaga were going to let some All Pro edge rusher touch our QB!
Score: 0.7 

Packers 27, Broncos 13 
The Broncos got an extra field goal, big deal.
Score: 1.0


Total Predictions: 8
Total Score: 7.0
Percentage: 87.5%

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