Pregame Predictions: Packers at Chargers – 2019 Week 9

The Packers are gonna cram as many fans as possible into a tiny stadium this week to play a team whose home city doesn’t seem to care about them at all. That alone should make this entertaining, but I think there’s going to be a lot more like to like than just that. Here’s our predictions for the week:  

  • Melvin Gordon gets 4.0 yards per carry for the first time this year
  • Aaron Rodgers gets 350 yards passing (more than the Chargers have given up all season)
  • Packers offensive line steps back up and allows 0 sacks, even with Joey Bosa on the other side
  • Jones and Jamaal each get a touchdown
  • Austin Ekeler has a field day against our linebackers
  • The Packers defense and special teams get at least 2 takeaways
  • Allen Lazard comes up with a big play
  • The Chargers new offensive coordinator runs some crazy stuff

Packers 34, Chargers 20


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