Preview and Predictions: at Jets – 2018 Week 16

Take a deep breath. We’ll get through this.

The Packers are taking an 0-7 road record to New Jersey.

With all the IR moves, it seems like the Packers are using this as an audition week for next year. My guess is a young Jets team wants to put a chip on their shoulder and knock off a team that has been successful recently, but isn’t this year.

The only way I see the Packers winning is if Aaron Rodgers goes full-Jake-Taylor with his attitude and figures out how to light it up again, connecting on all those ill-advised long-balls that he’s grown do fond of while ignoring the open receivers hanging out at the first down markers.

There’s probably another way, but I don’t think it’s very likely. There’s really not much else to say – there’s a ton of serious injuries and the team is packing in a lot of guys who probably would play if it mattered. This team doesn’t seem like it has a lot of fight left.

Question of the Week


Aaron Rodgers gets 300 yards passing
Jamaal Williams gets 100+ rushing and receiving
Jimmy Graham keeps on sucking

Tyler Lancaster and Dean Lowry do a solid job so it doesn’t look like the whole opening day defensive line is out
Blake Martinez makes some hustle pays, but some fans will still refuse to appreciate him because he’s not Luke Keuchley
Safety play will be solid against the rookie

Special teams will continue to embarass themselves (yeah, I know I’ve predicted this before, but it’s going to be my prediction every week Zook is calling the shots)

Packers 23, Jets 24

For some reason, I can’t get the scenario out of my head where a young talented QB, on his home turf, pushes for an emotional win against a worn-down has-been team.

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