Preview and Predictions: Dolphins – 2018 Week 10

Here we are, ready to start the second half of the season. I can’t remember the last time this team went into a game as late as November 11th with only 3 wins. It’s been a bizarre first half of the season and there’s a lot to think about heading into the home tilt with Miami.


Offensive Rhythm

It’s a pun, get it? Because the rhythm of the offense has been… offensive.

Sure, Rodgers has hit some big throws and Aaron Jones has busted off a number of impressive runs, but the offense, as a whole, hasn’t put together a full game to resemble anything close to even the first half of 2017.

Their big plays have been interspersed with drives, or even full quarters, of seemingly futile efforts to move the ball (like the 4th quarter of last Sunday). The Dolphins defense is made of up professional football players, but they aren’t anything to strike fear into offenses. They rank 26th in yards allowed per game heading into Sunday.

Back home, against a mediocre defense, it’s time for Aaron Rodgers and company show what they can do and put together a full game… before it’s too late.


Reshuffled Secondary

With Kevin King likely out and two starting safeties shipped out of town in the span of two weeks, it’s anybody’s guess what the secondary will look like this week.

Will Josh Jones, who allegedly missed so much early playing time because he was struggling to regain his full health since training camp, get more snaps at safety? Will Tramon Williams continue to stay back or will he move up to corner to fill in for King? What is Kentrell Brice’s role – can he be trusted as a single high safety? Will Jaire line up in the slot or on the outside? When are we gonna see more Josh Jackson? Did Beshaud Breeland show us why no one signed him in the offseason or is he just shaking off rust?

Really, anyone could play anywhere in the secondary and it wouldn’t surprise me.

In the past, Dom Capers was pretty predictable, but Pettine has a lot of surprises with how he lines up his guys and his propensity towards nickel and dime formations could mean everyone will see time. Good luck guessing the starting lineup.

Alexander is the only constant, I would count on him playing corner, but I don’t even know if he will be on the slot or the perimeter.

Let’s be real, though: we have Brock Osweiler throwing to Danny Amendola and Albert Wilson. The Dolphins passing attack ranks 26th in yards per game (behind the likes of San Francisco, Cleveland, and Chicago).

It shouldn’t matter who we roll out in the secondary. If it does, this could be the end.


The Beginning or the End?

The Dolphins beat the Jets twice, they beat the Raiders and Titans, and they edged the Bears in OT (I’m not impressed by that win because, despite leading the division, the Bears still suck). This is a team that is grumbling about firing their DC and is playing with a journeyman backup quarterback on his third team in three years and hasn’t thrown a touchdown in two weeks.

We’re also playing at home, in the cold, hopefully snow, against a warm weather team, while we’re coming off two close games on the road against the best teams in the league.

It’s understandable that the team lost on the road to the Rams and Patriots, it won’t be understandable if they lose at home to the f#cking Dolphins. This could be the game that resets the season and re-focuses the team for a second half run, or it could be the game that makes players and fans mentally check out.

We’ll know by Sunday Night.


Question of the Week

How many net passing yards will the Packers D surrender to the Dolphins?

Check out our Twitter thread to enter your response – click follow while you’re there!



MVS goes over 100 yards again
Packers have more rushing attempts as a team than they have all year
Rodgers doesn’t get sacked

Tramon Williams comes up with a pick
Nick Perry gets his monthly sack
Kenny Clark hosts a block party two yards behind the line of scrimmage all game

No matter who returns kicks, they still don’t break one longer than 30 yard because the blocking just isn’t there

Packers 27, Dolphins 10


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