Running It Back Again

We have had a plethora of articles and comments that have discussed the Packers’ upcoming cap issues, so I’m not going to get too engrossed in those details here. As I’ve previously stated, I firmly believe that the front office has a gameplan of their own for how the roster will look for the next few seasons. I also wonder if the Rams way of doing business will alter the strategy, but so far, the early signs this off season are that the Packers will try to make a run again in 2022.


Much, in fact all of this, depends on who is under center. After last nights Instagram shenanigans, there is wild speculation as to the future of Aaron Rodgers, mission accomplished as far as he’s concerned maybe. But outside of Rodgers, let’s have a brief look at what a roster might look like next season.


I am not a cap connoisseur by any stretch, but some quick research tells me that a lot of familiar faces may well return in 2022. Restructuring and cuts could clear upwards of 90 million dollars off the books for next year, which allows some big plays to be made on both sides of the ball. So lets take a look:


On defense, there are some players who will definitely be back. Amos, Stokes, Clarke, Alexander, Savage, Gary, Barnes and one Smith are almost certainly going to return. Spread throughout the field, that’s already a solid foundation to a championship-winning defense. Add the likely return of Lowry, Douglas, and hopefully Campbell, you’re looking at one of the best in the league at the top end of the roster. Depth with King, Slaton, Jean-Charles, some likely draft picks, and some possible free agents, and pretty soon you’re looking at a unit as good as any in the league.


Similarly, on offense, Jones, Dillon, Adams, one or both of MVS and Lazard, alongside the existing O-line and at the top end of the offense you’re looking around and asking who has better. Maybe the Rams, but who else? Mix in some free agents and early draft picks and it’s a stacked group. High-end quality with more than adequate depth. Throw Matt LaFleur’s play book into the pot and you’ve got the recipe for success.


So while much talk of cap hell and doom and gloom surrounds the Packers right now, I believe we will have an extremely competitive roster next season. The obvious glue that hold the offence together is Rodgers and the outcome of his process will be the biggest determining factor in our chances for 2022. Should he return, then I will approach 2022 with a quiet confidence about the Packers chances of making it to Arizona in February.

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