They Aren’t Who We Thought They Were

When Aaron Rodgers came back into the game in week 1 and led an almost impossible comeback, it looked like the start to another amazing season of championship competition.

It sure didn’t look like the start of a campaign that would be 3-4-1 after 8 games.

At the beginning of the season, the Rams and Patriots back-to-back road games looked tough. In fact, I predicted they would be 4-4 at this point and ready to make a second half run.

The record isn’t that far off, but this doesn’t seem like a team ready to go on a run.

The sad part is, there’s no reason they can’t… it just doesn’t feel like they will.

On one hand, they showed they can run with, and beat, the best team in each conference. On the other hand, they showed they can p!ss away pretty much any opportunity, and lately they’ve show an eagerness to do so.

They could run the table and win out… or they could keep up with every team on the schedule and then fumble away each game at the end.

If it’s anything short of a 7-1 run in the second half of the season, it probably won’t be enough to keep the season rolling.

There’s no more games against teams like the Rams and Patriots. There’s really no reason why they can’t beat all the teams on the second half of their schedule and rally to 11 wins.

There’s no reason they can’t, but it sure doesn’t feel like they will.

Even with all the “relax” and “shhh” and “run the table” stuff this team has done in the past, it doesn’t feel like that is waiting to break out with this team, not this year.

I used to think they could, but not any more.

These guys aren’t who we thought they were.

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