Top Three Tackles Out Against Atlanta – 2017 Week 2

If Aaron Rodgers pulls this out, it will simply add to his legend. The Packers just went from the best OT tandem in the league to the worst simply by putting out their inactive list.

His top three offensive tackles have been declared ineligible for the game – Bakhtiari, Bulaga, and Spriggs are all out. That leaves Kyle Murphy and whatever warm body they can find to stick in a jersey.

Ugh, it’s hard to imagine winning under these circumstances – sometimes it feels like McCarthy does this to give his team an excuse in case they lose a big game. Then, if they win, they should have all the confidence in the world. Usually, it ends up a moral victory.

In our pregame review, we mentioned that this may be in part due to the fact that they want guys healthy for a quick turnaround and a Thursday division game, since the NFL royally bet them over with a road Sunday night game followed by a Thursday division game.


Go defense, let’s hope no one on the line gets hurt tonight.

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