Unsung Hero: Ty Montgomery

We’ve all seen Randall Cobb’s big play that beat Bears about a thousand times (and counting).

We’ve marveled at how a gimpy Rodgers slid easily around a shifting pocket and delivered an absolute dart on 3rd and 10.

We’ve celebrated the heroic effort of a supposedly washed up and overpaid Randall Cobb, who showed the kind of determination and hustle that an undersized player needs to make it to the NFL.

But one man’s efforts have gone far less noticed and I will argue he was almost as important.

About 50 yards into the big play, Leonard Floyd (94) looks ready to wrap up Randall Cobb at the 20.

Enter Ty Montgomery to redirect him.

Then at the 5 yard line, Adrian Amos (38) is in position to make a play.

Ty Montgomery is there to whisk him aside as well.

Here’s the play in case you missed Montgomery’s important role at the end:


Now, if Montgomery isn’t 50 yards downfield, looking around for someone to block (instead of just pumping his arms in premature celebration), and taking two guys out of contention, it’s a virtual certainty that Cobb doesn’t get into the end zone. Heck, Khalil Mack (52) still lays a hand on him at the end.

Credit the Bears defense for not giving up on the play, because without Ty, they probably stop him.

Then what would have happened?

Maybe Rodgers just hits Graham for a short touchdown and we celebrate just the same.

Or maybe something else happens.


  • Rodgers slips on his sprained knee and fumbles
  • Mack stunts past McCray and strip sacks 12
  • Adams slips again and the ball is picked off
  • An obvious pass interference isn’t called and results in an interception
  • The Packers take four stabs and the end zone and just don’t get in

We’ve seen games end under stranger and more gut-wrenching circumstances.

Thanks to Ty Montgomery, who lined up at running back, 80 yards from the end zone, had an initial assignment to check for blitz pickup, then hustled the length of the field to take out two defenders on the game-deciding play, there was no chance of that happening.

He deserves more credit.


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