We Finally Have An Offensive Perimeter Coach!

I’m sorry, but I had to laugh when I saw this: the Packers have hired David Raih as their new Offensive Perimeter Coach.

Now, I shouldn’t laugh because:

  1. I would give body parts for a position on the Packers staff, regardless of the absurdity of the title, and
  2. It actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea

For all the flak the coaching staff gets (primarily Capers, but McCarthy, too), I think they do a fine job. Given how much they are questioned, I would even go so far as to call them vastly underrated.

McCarthy has done a lot of innovative things in the past (nutrition changes, scheduling tweaks, and all sorts of other minutia looking for the slightest edge) and this seems like a great experiment. It’s a perimeter game, especially when you have a quarterback who can make throws like this (man, that never gets old), so why not put more emphasis on it?

Hopefully this will result in a lot more sideline work from Jordy and Jared this year, opening up the middle of the field for Cobb, Geronimo, maybe Trevor Davis on the some deep stuff, and whoever our running back is. I’m excited to see if this pays dividends.

The other cool thing is that the job duties are fully encapsulated in the title, unlike Tim McGarigle, the newly-appointed Defensive Quality Control Coach.

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