What I Want On Day 3

Day 3. Eight picks.

There’s a lot of talent to be found. Here’s some of my favorite targets:

Maurice Hurst – at this point, I’ll take a risk on a supremely talented defensive lineman with a medical red flag – it’s reportedly very similar to the issue that Star Lotulelie had and it worked out for him. I know there’s a legitimate risk that it impacts him differntly and he never plays, but I’ll take it.

Josh Sweat – my favorite remaining rusher.

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo – my next favorite remaining rusher – and not by much.

Holton Hill – Troubled off the field, intruiging talent on it. I don’t care how many corners we have, if he’s there, I snag him.

Hercules Mata’afa – He’s like a poor man’s Jaire Alexander at LB – all the skills, none of the size (though he has even less size than Alexander comparatively speaking).

Da’Shawn Hand – More DL depth with potential.

Scott Quessenberry – More interior OL competition.

Jack Cichy – Maybe my Wisconsin bias is showing, but if he makes it to 7, why not?

Brett Toth – He looks like a beast of a right tackle, but has a military commitment. Reminds me of Mike Wahle’s situation. I would love to get a chance at him with one of our three 7th rounders. I might even burn a 6th on him. I’m not gonna lie, he’s someone I’ve been wanting late since the draft process started.

Tyrell Crosby – Another option for RT competition with the potential to start if Bulaga goes down. I think Campen could do great things with this kid. Would have been a nice target at 101, even.


There’s still a lot of talent on the baord and I’m excited to see what falls. I’ve had enough excitement though, I don’t need any more trades, I just want to see a lot of guys with potential get drafted to start competition in camp. We have picks and there’s talent out there – go get it, Gutey.


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