What I’ll Be Watching – Bears Packers 2017 Week 4

Well of course we’ll all be watching the offensive line to see if Pankey-McCrary are the bookends of the future. The injury report is significant on both sides (worse on the Packers, though), which will impact the game in a number of ways.

Although a lot of starters will be missing, the depth is what will really get hit and that means special teams could get really interesting.

With injuries at all positions, the return games will be filled with backup backups playing out of position with unfamiliar teammates.

It’s time for some big returns.

Now, I’ve said repeatedly that Trevor Davis is too indecisive and should be benched as the punt returner, but even an indecisive returner can break one against a MASH unit.

With Randall Cobb coming off an injury – if he plays at all – chances are slim that he’d be put in that position (we’ll save that for the playoffs). So maybe Davis can bring back some of his preseason magic.

However, he’s not the guy I’m counting on. There’s another returner – a kick returner – and his name is Janis.

That’s right.

The People’s Champion.

Awww yeah.

He’s had 0 returns so far this year (and Connor Barth has only had 7 touchbacks in 9 kickoffs), so he’s dying to get one and I don’t think he’ll disappoint when he does. He’s the anti-Davis – when he gets the ball, he takes off, using his speed to get whatever he can.

That’s when magic happens.

Of course, it’s just as likely that our special teams 5th stringers blow coverage and make whatever clown the Bears line up to return kicks look like Devin Hester.

We’ll find out soon.

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