What Most People Don’t Understand About Nick Perry’s Deal

Nick Perry re-signed with the Packers on a 5-year $60 million deal yesterday and the move was met with mixed reaction.

There are some things about the whole situation that a lot of people don’t seem to understand.

First off: this is a fair market deal. Yes, it’s nearing CM3 money, but his $13.2 million per year is an old deal. When it was signed in 2013, the cap was $123 million. The cap has gone up to $167 million (a 36 percent increase in four years) and salaries have continued to rise.

Second: people keep pointing to Perry’s sack numbers to call it a breakout year, as if his entire salary should be dependant upon how many sacks he gets. In actuality, pass rushing is not his bag – he was better against the run. In addition to visibly setting a hard edge, he actually ranked number one in the league in run stop percentage. Number one. Better than everyone, including guys like Von Miller and Khalil Mack. The best in the NFL last year.

Perry isn’t a pass rusher,  he’s a dominant edge setter who stops the run with the best of them and has a wicked bull rush. There’s no swim move, no spin or stutter, no double baton, he just lines up and physically forces his man backwards until he’s at the quarterback. Last year he did that 11 times.

So when it comes down to signing a guy that owns the run and leads the team in sacks to a fair market deal (which will look pathetic by the time it is over), or turning the left side over to Kyler Fackrell, the choice is clear.

Now let’s just hope he stays healthy. Just healthy enough to play, because I like the club.

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