Who Needs Khalil Mack When You Have Kyler Fackrell?

In the offseason, Packers fans all wanted Khalil Mack, even if it wasn’t realisitic. Two first rounders, three first rounders, all our draft picks for a decade plus Aaron Rodgers, the keys to Lambeau Field – no bounty was too high for some people who just knew that Khalil Mack was the missing piece to guarantee this team a Super Bowl.

Well I think Khalil Mack is really good, but I don’t think he’s the difference between being 4-5-1 and going to the Super Bowl.

Besides, we had something better all along:

Kyler F#cking Fackrell!

That’s right, Lord Sackrell has taken his game to a new level, and he’s having a better year than Khalil Mack.

Lets compare stats:

  • Sacks: Mack 7, Fackrell 8
  • Solo tackles: Mack 20, Fackrell 20
  • Tackles for loss: Mack, 5, Fackrell 9
  • QB Hits: Mack 6, Fackrell 9

Kyler Fackrell has been way more productive than Khalil Mack!

Am I serious? Do I really think Fackrell is better than Mack? No.

But it underscores how stats don’t tell the whole story, they never do.

Prior to the draft and free agency, there was a big deal being made about how the Packers “need a 15 sack guy.” Yeah, like if a GM with half a brain uses a first round pick, they can just grab “a 15 sack guy.” Well, not only are stud edge rushers almost impossible for a team like the Packers to get (given all their success of the years), they are also very rare. You know now many guys had 15 sacks last year?


Chandler Jones was the only player in the league to get 15 sacks last year. So when all the fans were saying “we need a 15 sack guy,” what they were really saying was “we need the best sack artist in the NFL.”

I don’t think that’s what they meant, though.

I think they meant we need a guy who can get more pressure on the quarterback. Stats aren’t the best indicaor of that.

For example, Terrell Suggs has more sacks than Kenny Clark, but who do you want: a 36 year old pass rush specialist or a 23 year old centerpiece that wrecks interior lines week after week?

Mike Pettine has proven to be pretty good at getting the most out of guys and Kyler Fackrell has been one of the biggest benefactors.

Let’s enjoy that in a season that doesn’t have as many bright spots as we’re used to.

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