Who The Packers Could Have Drafted In 2015

I love the draft. I love trying to figure out how the picks will unfold and who the Packers will take. I also love looking back and trying to learn from history.

That invariably leads me to playing the what-if game (which I can’t entirely explain my infatuation with). I think a big part of why I like it so much is because it shows that one draft can completely turn a franchise around if the team gets it right (like the Colts in 2018 drafting two guys who would become first team All Pros as rookies with their first two picks).

Since it takes about 4 years to judge a draft class, let’s look back and see who the Packers could have taken in 2015 (instead of all the tools that they did take). Keep in mind, this was the beginning of the end for Ted, when his health seemed to be starting to failing him (and with it, his drafting abilities) – go easy on him and remember the good old days.


Round 1 Pick 30 – Damarious Randall
Instead of taking a safety to move to cornerback, the Packers should have just taken a safety. All Pro Safety Landon Collins went three picks later to the Giants

Round 2 Pick 62 – Quentin Rollins
Rollins was a pick to defend the pass, but Ted got it wrong. Instead of trying to cover receivers, he should have been trying to rush the passer. Later in the round, the Vikings took Danielle Hunter who, despite not become a starter until his third year, has 40 sacks in 4 seasons. It would be really nice to have someone who could do that, plus we wouldn’t have to face him twice a year. David Johnson was also on the board, but read on…

Round 3 Pick 94 – Ty Montgomery
This pick was at the end of the 3rd, but in the 4th round, the Buccaneers took Kwon Alexander, who made the All Rookie team before making the Pro Bowl in 2017. Grabbing an inside linebacker like this would mean we wouldn’t have had to take Jake Ryan. 

Round 4 Pick 129 – Jake Ryan
You know who would go really nice with Landon Collins? Adrian Amos. One of the up and coming young safeties in the league, Amos 13 picks after Ryan. Imagine if we had Collins and Amos at safety instead of reaching for Randall and Collins at cornerback – plus we wouldn’t have to face him twice a year, either.

Round 5 Pick 157 – Brett Hundley
Just two picks after Hundley, Jay Ajayi came off the board. A Pro Bowler after become a starter in his second year, he’s been banged up the last couple of years. Still, he’s an explosive pistol who could be paired with Aaron Jones to keep them both healthy in a timeshare. This would have been more valuable than the preseason false advertising we got out of Hundley.

Round 6 Pick 206 – Aaron Ripkowski
I like this pick, he was a good fullback when they wanted a fullback and maybe they want one now. But if you didn’t, you could have just taken Jake Kumerow and saved us all a lot of trouble.

Round 6 Pick 210 – Christian Ringo
It would have been nice to pick up a guy like Quinton Spain here, who has been a starting guard for the Titans for the last three years. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to have a guard?

Round 6 Pick 213 – Kennard Backman
I’m sure Ted had a big crush on this guy who never played, but wouldn’t it have been worth it to take a flyer on La’el Collins? First round talent who fell because of a last-minute legal charge that never materialized and has been a starter ever since. But no, let’s take a tight end whose career would end with as many total yards as me.


So there you have it. Imagine coming out of this draft with a pro bowl caliber safety tandem, a legit 10 sack per year pass rusher, a pro bowl inside linebacker, a very talented supporting running back, and two starters for the right side of the offensive line – oh, and Jake Kumerow!

That would be a sweet haul – We didn’t get anywhere near that value, but… maybe we will in 2019.

The draft has limitless possibilities and 2019 has a unique opportunity for this team. Read about one way it could play out with our latest mock draft.


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