Who The Packers Could Have Drafted In 2016

Time for some more of the what-if game!

Not only is it a great way to learn about the draft by examining history, it’s just a lot of fun to dream about, too.

It takes about four years to accurately judge a draft class, so let’s hit rewind and check out who the Packers could have taken in the 2016 draft.

1st Round – Packers took: Kenny Clark

The Packers liked the fact that Clark was powerful and athletic, but also the fact that he was young and had a lot of room to grow and improve. He did both.

Who the Packers should have drafted:

Kenny Clark. They absolutely nailed this pick. No two ways about it.

2nd round – Packers took: Jason Spriggs (for a 2, 4, and 7)

The Packers moved up for Spriggs because he was an athletic prospect with a body that could still add muscle and they thought he could become an NFL-caliber left tackle. They were wrong. Not only did Spriggs fail to become an NFL-caliber left tackle, he failed to become a right tackle or even a guard. Even when the Packers have had injury issues over the last three years, Spriggs failed to establish himself as a viable player, hanging around on the roster in hopes that his potential would be reached. It wasn’t.

Who the Packers should have drafted:

They could have stayed put and got Kevin Byard, the All-Pro safety who led NFL in interceptions in 2017. He would have made the position far less of a disaster for the last few years.

If the Packers would have stayed put, they would have had extra 4th and 7th round picks, as well. In the 4th round, the Packers could have taken Dak Prescott. He would be a great backup QB (lets face it, that’s what he is – a great backup QB on a team with no viable starter).

Then, in the 7th round, the Packers could have taken linebacker Corey Littleton. That’s right, with a 7th round pick that so many people think of as a throwaway, the Packers could have got the Pro Bowl LB that everyone seem to want to pay big bucks for in free agency this year.

3rd Round – Packers took: Kyler Fackrell

Fackrell was a bit of a head-scratcher when the Packers took him. They obviously liked his hustle but, despite his moments, it hasn’t really translated to the consistent, reliable production you want to get with a Day 2 pick.

Who the Packers should have drafted:

I was absolutely in love with defensive lineman Javon Hargrave leading up to the draft. He went one pick after Fackrell and I was crushed. Hargrave hasn’t made any Pro Bowls, but he does a great job with the dirty work in the trenches and is the kind of guy that could have helped the Packers stop a run game like the 49ers have. he’s one of my top targets for free agency this year.

4th Round – Packers took: Blake Martinez

Maybe the most polarizing player for the Packers in social media history, Martinez has been a tackling machine, but has not played at an All-Pro level.

Who the Packers should have drafted:

Let’s face it, this was a solid pick. You don’t have to love Blake Martinez, but a consistent starter who leads the league in tackles is good value for a 4th rounder. It’s not like the Packers had a much better alternative on the board for linebackers.

4th Round – Packers took: Dean Lowry

Lowry was drafted to be a role player and has probably met those expectations. A part time starter who is solid in maintaining his gap and comes up with the occasional big play, it’s hard to call him a terrible pick.

Who the Packers should have drafted:

I like what Lowry has done, but with Hargrave (a big upgrade over Lowry) already taken in this alternate reality, I would go with Jordan Howard here.  He’d be a great committee running back and would rob the Bears of one of their best offensive weapons of the decade.

5th Round – Packers took: Trevor Davis

Davis has been a non-stop tease, showing off his speed on a deep route or a nice return maybe once every couple of months – just enough to want to keep him around and hope for more consistency. Unfortunately, it never came.

Who the Packers should have drafted:

Davis went two picks before All-Pro receiver and return man extraordinaire Tyreek Hill. Oh boy, could you imagine Rodgers throwing to Davante and Tyreek? I can’t, at least not without getting short of breath.

6th Round – Packers took: Kyle Murphy

Murphy was a pick I really liked. He was solid in some fill-in duty, but seemed to degrade into mediocrity. I really thought he could hang on a little more than he did. Alas.

Who the Packers should have drafted:

There’s not a lof of studs floating around at this stage of the draft, but you can find some solid role players. Center Joey Hunt was still here. He’s been a little “meh” but he’s shown the ability to hold down the fort as a part time starter. The Packers could have used a developmental center in case Corey Linsley’s contract ever became an issue…  


So there you have it. The Packers could have come out of this draft with Kenny Clark, Kevin Byard, Dak Prescott, Corey Littleton, Javon Hargrave, Blake Martinez, Jordan Howard, Tyreek Hill, and Joey Hunt.

That’s quite a haul. That’s 8 players that have either been an All-Pro or been in the Pro Bowl conversations.

The really cool thing to remember is that the Packers picked at 27 that year, not very far away from 30, where they pick this year. If they Packers play their cards right, they could come away with a bounty like that.

Yes, we say that every year. Because it’s true every year.

This is why the draft is so great!


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