Why Bother With PFTW Mock Drafts?

So you hate mock drafts?

That’s understandable. I get why people don’t like them. They’re never right. There’s too many. They don’t matter.

Those are all realistic complaints.

When you see someone put out a 32-team mock draft, it’s kind of hard to believe the author has a deep understanding of the Packers and their needs. Assuming you spend 8 hours eating and sleeping, but did nothing else except research NFL teams, that would leave just 30 minutes per day to study each team.

That’s why this site focuses on one team, the team we all know and love, the most storied franchise in the history of the world’s ultimate team game: your Green Bay Packers.

All of our mock drafts are focused completely on the Packers. We let the algorithms handle the other teams, using dozens of different boards, rankings, and needs analyses to see as many different possible scenarios as we can.

We’re not trying to predict what will happen (that would be pointless), we’re trying to see what could happen (that’s educational – and fun), so we can enjoy what does happen.

In each mock, we see how one scenario could unfold and we use that scenario as a chance to see who could be available for the Packers. Then, we use that as an opportunity to do a small profile on those players.


The purpose isn’t to try to predict what the Packers will do, the purpose is to give you insights on the players that might be available so you can enjoy the draft more.


This way, when the Packers pick rolls around, instead of waiting to see who they take and then scrambling to learn about them, you can already have an idea of players that might be available and know something about them.

Every year, the Packers pick one of my draft crushes: Quay Walker, Eric Stokes, Jon Runyan, Darnell Savage – focusing specifically on the Packers instead of trying to understand 31 other teams give us a better insight into who they might take.

The draft is the most critical part of building an NFL team. Understanding the players makes the event more relatable and enjoyable. Understanding the players that our favorite team might take just adds to the enjoyment.

If you’re curious to see how some of these scenarios could unfold from the Packers perspective, with an eye on how these players could fit the Packers specifically, I invite you to check out our Draft Central page, which includes mocks drafts, feature articles, and links to our archived draft materials from previous year.


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Check out Packers Draft Central for all our latest NFL Draft coverage!



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