Why I Think Christian Watson Has A Higher Ceiling Than Justin Jefferson

Context: In case you missed the infamous tweet that got the whole state of Minnesota pissing their pants, you can check it out here

To make it very clear: I think Justin Jefferson is a top-3 receiver in the NFL and quite possibly the best wide receiver currently in the NFL. I do not think Christian Watson is better than he is and I’m not sure he ever will be.

But, when I think about a player’s potential to be a great player, I think Christian Watson has a higher ceiling than Justin Jefferson.

I thought he had incredible potential when he was coming out of college and everything I’ve seen has increased my opinion of him.


Well, a player’s potential comes from two parts: the measurable things and the immeasurable things.

First, look at the measurable parts. Clearly, Watson’s measurables are superior, no question. Justin Jefferson is no slouch, but Christian Watson is a better athlete by all NFL-recognized measures. Every. Single. One.

Then, there are the things that can’t be measured. They show up on the field, even when we can’t put our fingers on them. This is probably an even bigger factor in a player’s success, but it’s not possible with out the physical abilities.

Justin Jefferson has incredible unmeasured traits… but so does Christian Watson.

Sure, he dropped a ball on his first NFL play ever. And his routes are still developing. I’m not talking about his consistency right now, I’m talking about his potential.

His measurables are off the charts and when it comes to the immeasurables, I saw a lot from Watson last year that underscored what I saw when he came out.

Specifically, he flashed an ability to:
1. Get contested catches against the Titans (at least in the same neighborhood as Jefferson)
2. Take over a game against the Cowboys (on par with Jefferson)
3. Blow past an entire f#cking defense against the Eagles (which Jefferson absolutely can not do like Watson can)

Those glimpses show his potential.

Realizing it will only come with consistency.

He needs to get better at his routes and more consistent hands, but that is possible (look at what Adams did to improve his hands and route running over his career). Meanwhile, Jefferson will never be as tall or fast as Watson.

Again, I’m not saying Watson is better or will ever realize his potential to get better, but that dude has an unlimited ceiling.

I don’t care if anyone agrees, that’s what I see.

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