2018 Draft Preview: Defensive Line

Current State

  • How quickly something can become a strength! I love a lineup of Daniels, Clark and Wilkerson. Daniels has the attitude and intensity. Clark is already good, and still improving at only 22 years old. Wilkerson is hungry on his 1 year contract. He wants big money next year (Packers or someone else), so the Packers should get his absolute best this season. He also knows how to function in Pettine’s defense. Next to Aaron Rodgers, the Packers d-line is the next most exciting thing they have.
  • As much as I like the starters, I still am high on what Dean Lowry can do. He’s a perfect rotational player.
  • If Montravious Adams can stay healthy, he has the rare “big athleticism”. The Packers spent a 3rd on him, and I think the only way they are likely to improve on him is to spend higher. I’m not excited to do that.
  • So, as good as the starters AND backups are, big guys still need to be rotated. And injuries happen. I’d like to get one additional lineman to provide some competition, rotation, and injury insurance.

Draft Outlook

Excluding the people that are likely to go in rounds 1 and 2, I’ll try and pick a targets in the subsequent rounds.

Round 3

The Packers like their Stanford guys, and perhaps Harrison Phillips is the next guy. People expected Montravious to go higher than round 3, and Phillips is probably going to go in the 2nd. But, if there in the 3rd, I think it would be a good match. He’s also a wrestler like Mike Daniels.

Round 4

The path that Nathan Shepherd has been on is kind of crazy, and he’s already 24 years old. He played against lower competition in college, but when he got to the senior bowl, he dominated there too. He seems like he’s immediately ready to be a professional player, and he shows serious flashes in his play and his drills.

Round 5+

I’ve seen B.J. Hill, Andrew Brown, Da’Shawn Hand, and Justin Jones ranked ALL over the place. I think any one of these guys would be a worthwhile addition to the rotation.



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