2018 Draft Preview: Running Backs

Current State

  • Ty Montgomery is still an underrated weapon. He’s smart, runs well, and has receiver skills. He can be fantastic and just needs to stay healthy. Unfortunately, this appears like it’s not likely to happen.
  • Aaron Jones has shown some real capability. I’d like to see him get more snaps, but I’m not yet ready to anoint him the clear starter.
  • I’m higher on Jamaal Williams than most. He is a perfect match for what Mike McCarthy wants out of his back. He takes what’s there, works well in traffic, goes down hard, and protects the ball. He is also the best protector for Rodgers, and don’t underestimate that value.
  • Devante Mays is better than he showed, but he’s also on the fringe. He has power though and brings the big back element missing from the other 3.

Draft Outlook

The Packers have great variety in the group, so what else do they need? Answer: A clear cut #1 back. Without getting that, I don’t see much draft need at this position. The need doesn’t warrant a 1st or 2nd, regardless of who is there.

If in the 3rd Nick Chubb is there, I think he might be the best fit. He runs like an improved Jamaal Williams and it’s possible to get him without spending a first or a 2nd. He did have a major injury in college too, and after having to share carries with Michel he MIGHT make it to the 3rd.

Two of may favorite runners in this draft are Ronald Jones and Mark Walton. I love the balance that they both run with. Unfortunately, I have injury concerns for both. RoJo is special and he will still go pretty high. Walton has a chance to fall though. With his injuries and frame size, I think it’s unlikely that he will go too high. If he’s there in the last 4th to the 5th, I’d strongly consider him.

Rashaad Penny is also interesting. He’s not flashy, but he’s productive. If the Packers are really interested in taking a back, he would also be one of my mid-round choices.

If taking a value player that has great traits but underperformed in college is the goal, Kalen Ballage would be a fit.


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