2018 Draft Preview: Quarterbacks

Current State

  • Obviously, the only focus is what to do behind Rodgers.
  • I think Hundley had an extremely thorough audition, and he failed. I like Hundley the person, and I think he still has some potential. That being said, the NFL is a tough business, I don’t think he is likely to progress to where he needs to be.
  • On the other hand, I am VERY excited about DeShone Kizer. There is a LOT of potential there. In essence, they spent a 1st round draft pick on a backup QB, so there better be something worth that. I’m excited to see what the staff can do to develop him.
  • I don’t think that Callahan is ever going to be an NFL starter either, but I do think he better than what Hundley displayed last year. He’s about what you would expect for a #4 QB.

Draft Outlook

The draft need at QB is very minimal. It’s possible that 6 go in the first round, so that takes a lot of talent off the board.  I think the best match for me is Mike White with one of the 5th compensatory picks or maybe a 6th.


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