2018 Draft Preview: Wide Receivers

Current State

  • While I don’t like losing Jordy, I absolutely don’t believe the answer is to spend a first round draft pick on a receiver. I think this draft has depth at receiver, patience needs to be applied.
  • Davante Adams is being paid well, and he will be play at a high level. He will bring stability to the receivers as long as he don’t take another cheap shot.
  • I really don’t relate to Packers fans that want to give up on Randall Cobb. Yea, he gets paid a lot. I was against that contract when he signed it, but players tend to make most of their money on their 2nd contract. He’ll provide an element that is needed and I’m fine with him too.
  • There is clearly a drop-off after those two. Geronimo is a #4 receiver. The rest of the receivers don’t impress. Between Yancey, Clark, and Davis, I have a hard time seeing their ceiling any higher than a #4 receiver.

Draft Outlook

The Packers clearly have a need at receiver. I think a receiver in the round 2-4 range makes a lot of sense. Remember, receivers tend take a 1-2 years to develop, so don’t plan on drafting one and plugging them in as a difference maker for this season.

Not only do the Packers have a need at WR, there happens to be quite a few serviceable receivers this year. While this isn’t a draft that has studs, it has quite a few solid prospects. Here’s a list of how this might line up with where they are picking:


Pick #45

When the Packers pick here, I assume Ridley will be gone for sure. D.J. Moore will likely also be gone, and maybe Sutton too. If they are all gone, I don’t want to spend that pick on who’s left. 


Late 2nd-Early 3rd

Perhaps they trade and are picking lower, but 2 other guys I really like in this area are D.J. Chark and James Washington.

Chark is the Size/Speed combo you really want. He needs to develop, but the potential is there.

James Washington reminds me of one of my favorite receivers to watch: Steve Smith. Yes, Steve Smith is much faster, but it is the way they play. Both are undersized but made going deep a legitimate threat. They work hard and use their body and hands extremely well. I was disappointed with Washington’s combine, and he followed that up with drops at his pro day. I haven’t given up on him, and I would still strongly consider a late 2nd/3rd round pick for him.


The next 2 guys for me are Daesean Hamilton and Anthony Miller. Miller is extremely productive in college, and Hamilton has the size and is a great route runner. Route running is the best match for Aaron.


Later Rounds

5th – Equanameous St. Brown

6th – Auden Tate, Marcell Ateman, Daurice Fountain

7th – Byron Bringle, Allen Lazard



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