A Fan’s Guide To NFL Free Agency Hits and Misses – Now Available!

The follow-up guide to the #1 New Release, A Fan’s Guide To Understanding The NFL Draft: Strategies, Tactics, And Case Studies For Building A Professional Football Team, is finally here!

You know you love talking about the hot free agents coming up this year.

And you know that leads to talking about great free agents from the past.

Reggie White.

Drew Brees.

Darrelle Revis.

All of them were marquee free agents that helped their teams win Super Bowls.

So why don’t we sign more free agents!?

Well, each of those cases had some extenuating circumstances. In our new book, A Fan’s Guide To NFL Free Agency Hits And Misses: Case Studies and Lessons From Landmark Signings Throughout History, we talk about why Reggie White’s free agency success can never be duplicated, the risks associated with the Drew Brees signing, and what makes Darrelle Revis different from all the other free agents.

We also walk through free agency failures like Dwayne Bowe, Adalius Thomas, and the entire 2011 Eagles Dream Team to learn what went wrong. Plus, we clearly explain how the salary cap works and all the aspects of player contracts that are negotiated during free agency.

If you love football and you’re the kind of die-hard fan that follows the exciting events of the off-season, this book is for you!

Now available in ebook and paperback (with a very smooth wraparound cover design)!

You can also read for free on Kindle Unlimited – if you don’t have that, you can get a free trial of Kindle Unlimited here!




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