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We want to be the premier source for Packers draft analysis and this page will map out our content – let us know if you have questions or want to see more by reaching out on Twitter: @PackersForTheWn

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Packers 2020 Draft Time Capsule
Gutekunst Shows He Is Aggressive And Patient
Packers vs PFTW: How We Would Have Picked The Packers 2020 Draft
The Packers Offense Is Trying To Stay Ahead Of The Curve
A Partial List Of Players I Would Have Taken Before AJ Dillon  
The Timing For Drafting Jordan Love Couldn’t Be Better
Historical Precedent For The Jordan Love Worst Case Scenario



My 2020 Draft Crushes For The Packers
Football Is Changing To Make It Easier On Rookie Receivers
An Analysis Of First And Second Round Receiver Value
The Best Way To Appreciate The Draft
Opening The 2019 Draft Time Capsule In 2020 
Packers Options For Trading Up In The 2nd Round Of The 2020 NFL Draft
The Packers Drafted For Need And Got Burned
How One Draft Changed The History Of The NFC North
Grading Gutey 2019
What Could Have Been: The Packers 80’s Dynasty That Never Was
Packers 2020 Draft Options For Trading Up
Packers 2020 Draft Options For Trading Down
Assessing the Packers Biggest Draft Needs Before Free Agency
Scouting Challenge: Randall Cobb vs Antonio Brown
Draft Comparisons: Clay Matthews vs Nick Perry
Was Julio Jones Worth It?
An Oddity In Draft History
How Randy Moss Helped The Packers Win A Super Bowl


6 Things NFL GMs Have To Worry About In The Draft That Fans Don’t
How Champions Draft
Why Blowing It In The First Round Doesn’t Ruin A Draft
Where The Best Players Are Drafted (2019)
The Difference Between Drafting High and Drafting Well
Why Skill Position Players Are A Dime A Dozen


Our mock drafts aren’t supposed to predict who the Packers will pick. Instead, they’re designed to see how the board could fall so we can learn more about the options that the Packers could have as the draft unfolds and how early picks could change later picks.

PFTW 2020 Mock Draft Archives

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Why The Players Get Screwed On The CBA Every Single Time
Opening the 2019 Free Agency Time Capsule in 2020
Free Agency Review: Wide Receiver Fever 2019



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