Aaron Rodgers Says The Offense Is Changing

“We’ve changed, potentially, some approach, wanting to probably get some more two tight end sets out there so we gotta work on plays we haven’t maybe had in the plan or at least in our minds for the last couple years.”

– Aaron Rodgers on changes to the offense in the upcoming season

I’m clawing at my eyelids waiting for the season to start. This is the worst time of the year because OTAs have started, signalling football, but there’s nothing we can watch.

Everyone is healthy (except Vince Biegel) and the potential for this offense is unimaginable (except maybe for Han Solo). We found our running back in the second half of last season and gave him three rookies with distinctly different styles to complement him. We signed a former Pro Bowl guard to replace our Pro Bowl guard. We added a couple prospects to an already deep receiving core and then brought in Martellus Bennett, who does crazy sh!t like this.

Oh boy, I can’t wait.

And neither can Aaron Rodgers.

With Lance Kendricks also picked up, the Packers have two legit tight ends plus sure-handed red zone niche-filler Richard Rodgers. That’s 6’6″, 6’3″, and 6’4″ all going over the middle and down the seam for the Packers.

You know that league-wide trend towards smaller linebackers like Deonne Buchanon? What do you think Aaron Rodgers is going to do to those defenses with these guys at his disposal?

Stuff he hasn’t done since he lost Jermichael Finley.

Now I certainly have my thoughts on how overrated (not bad, but overrated) Jermichael Finley was, but they did design their entire offense around him before he broke his neck. Last year, that passing attack finally found it’s groove and now we’re going to bring everyone back and add a couple giant receiving tight ends who can also block.

Think of all the great and amazing and wonderful things that Boy Wonder Aaron Rodgers has done over the years. Think about what he did last year with Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams going one and two in the NFL in touchdowns (not to mention Randall Cobb doing all his Cobb stuff and Geronimo coming out of nowhere to be a promising WR4).

Now add Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks to that.

Oh boy!

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