Ahman Green Case Sad On Multiple Levels

So Ahman Green is being charged with child abuse.


It should really only be terrible on one level: that a child may have been abused.

Instead, though, it’s terrible on a whole bunch of levels.

It’s terrible because a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds in the United States.

Because we only heard about this one because a former Packer was accused.

Because of the 6.6 million children involved in a call to protective services in the United States each year, we usually only hear about the ones that have famous parents.

Because Green’s wife (who is not her mother) claims that the girl has threatened to do this to get him in trouble.

Because Green’s wife is not her mother.

Because Green admitted to an officer that he “may have thrown the girl to the ground.”

Because this family has serious issues.

Because most families have serious issues.

Because child abuse is crime where we worry about punishing more than preventing.

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