Oh, You Didn’t Take The Top 100 List Seriously, Did You?

Welcome to the latest edition of NFL Dead Zone, where we rank the top 100 players in the NFL.

Well, we don’t really rank them, it’s more like we put up a list so that people will argue about, hence generating more clicks for the NFL and more discussion and engagement on their product.

But it’s getting silly.

The NFL’s top 100 list (which I can’t in good conscience even link to) has Aaron Rodgers, the greatest player the game has ever seen, who single-handedly put a 4-6 team on his back, called his run-the-table shot like Babe Ruth, then ran the table and took the team, #7 cornerback and all, to the NFC Championship.

… but there’s at least five guys better than that?

Now, I get that one of the great things about football is that stats don’t tell the whole story, even with PFF, there’s no advanced analytics like baseball. It’s the type of sport where you can truly debate who’s better and other fun topics around the bar (or at high-quality, insightful websites such as PackersForTheWin.com).

But there are some things that you just can’t debate.

There are some arguments you just can’t defend.

Like Aaron Rodgers isn’t the best player in the NFL.

I know a lot of people will point to Brady’s ill-gotten cheater rings. What with his coach’s shady schemes and the Falcons incrapable implosion, not to mention the 18-week bye they get by playing in the AFC East, it’s actually a wonder he doesn’t have more.

But I can see were weak-minded fools could fail to make the distinction.

However, there’s no way Von Miller is better than Aaron Rodgers. As a pass rusher, he didn’t even lead the league in sacks and wasn’t even the best defensive player (Khalil Mack won DPOY honors). Is he great? Yes, but he’s no Aaron Rodgers.

Julio Jones? Please. He gimped around all year and had six touchdowns. You think that’s better than Aaron Rodgers?

Antonio Brown? Another receiver? Really!? You think there’s two receivers in the NFL better than Aaron Charles Rodgers? Why the infatuation with receivers in this game? Don’t you know they’re a dime a dozen?

No matter how you define “best” or “top” player, Aaron Rodgers is it.

Most talented? Aaron Rodgers

Most productive? Aaron Rodgers.

Who you would take to start a team? Aaron Rodgers.

Who would you take to win a game? Aaron Rodgers.

Who would you not want to face? Aaron Rodgers.

Who makes the players around him better? Aaron Rodgers.

Sure, we could throw out stats like a league-leading 40 touchdowns or accomplishments like eight straight playoff berths – heck, you could even compare how his team fares without him (totally lost without his greatness) compared to how the Patriots go 3-1 without Brady – but the real test?

Watch football.

If you watch Rodgers and you watch everyone else, there’s not even a question that he is the best by any standard or definition of the word.

But the muckrakers need clicks, so we get a nonsense list.

Congratulations, NFL, you p!ssed everyone off again so they’ll talk about your product.

Mission accomplished.

But we know Rodgers is the best.

1 thought on “Oh, You Didn’t Take The Top 100 List Seriously, Did You?”

  1. They did… what? How?

    Ok, that’s just ridiculous. They really need to just do the stupid list without QBs. It’s an apples-to-motorcycles comparison; just so much more going on with the position… I appreciate you not linking to the article though!

    Whatever, it’s all just click-bait, like you said.

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