Comparing Gutey’s First Draft To Ted

What would Ted do?

It’s a natural question when watching his replacement do his first draft.

Fans were ecstatic when Ted was removed from office and they fact that Gutey made phone calls and told everyone about it got them really fired up for some reason.

Clearly there were some offseason moves that Ted would not have made – cutting Jordy Nelson being chief among them. The draft is a different animal than free agency, though, and far more important.

Let’s check out all the moves Gutey made and see how they stack up against what Ted would have done.

The move everyone is excited about was trading down to pick up the Saints first rounder next year.
Ted? He absolutely would have done this move – he loved picking up extra picks, even with Derwin James on the board.

Moving back up for Jaire Alexander?
Ted? Maybe – he was Trader Ted. He didn’t normally move up, but after moving down, he may have done so, depending on how he felt about the board. He was probably just as likely to trade down again, which Gutey didn’t seem to have interest in.

Taking Josh Jackson in the 2nd when you just drafted a corner in the 1st?
Ted? For sure, he actually took 3 corners in a row one year. Jackson was the best player available and they both would have taken him.

Moving up in the mid-rounds for a high character linebacker?
Ted? Sure. He traded up for Jeremy Thompson in similar position and loves character guys.

Taking 3 very athletic receivers, each with one glaring weakness, all in the late rounds of the same draft?
Ted? Heck yes, that’s the Ted Thompson Triple! Doesn’t he do that every year? This one makes me think Ted had a lot to do with this draft.

Taking a soft offensive tackle higher than projected with the possible intention of moving him to guard?
Ted? Are you kidding me? Ted lives for that!

Taking a couple pass rush projects in the late rounds?
Ted? All the way.

Now, a lot of those moves look an awful lot like the kind of things Ted would have done. The least Ted-like may have been taking a player with Jaire Alexander’s attitude, but even that was certainly still a possibility. Both GMs have thier limit, though: neither would touch Holton Hill.

But there were a couple glaring moves that were different:

Draft a punter in the 5th?
Ted? No.

Draft a long snapper!?
Ted? H3ll no!

When you have 11 picks, including 3 in the last round, you might start to run out of players on your board. Actually, not if you’re Ted Thompson – I can’t imagine his list is even limited to triple digits. Still, a punter and a long snapper? Maybe they’ll contribute, the punter might even be great, but I don’t think Ted would have ever burned a 5th on one, not the way he kicked Jon Ryan to the curb and made willy-nilly changes at the position.

Other than a couple special teamers with some late picks, however, this draft looks an awful lot like a Ted Thompson production.

And given the success they’ve had over the last decade, that might not be a bad thing.


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