Let’s Not Canonize Gutey Just Yet

Packers fans were so excited to see Ted Thompson demoted in the offseason that they may have put his successor into the Hall of Fame a bit prematurely.

Brian Gutekunst came out of his first draft with 2 of the top 3 corners, which more than addresses his biggest position of need, as well as a veratile linebacker….

And another top pick next year.

If we take out that last part, it downgrades a super draft to a really good one. Which is another way of saying that his day wouldn’t look so good if the Saints weren’t so stupid or if the Redskins had been willing to trade with New Orleans.

Josh Jackson was a great pick in the second, but let’s be honest: he fell. Gutey showed great patience and poise in picking him, and deserves credit for that, but let’s not take it too far. Thompson would have done the same thing.

Oh, shut up Ted defenders, it’s just like when Aaron Rodgers fell to Ted Thompson and everyone wants to give him credit for that.

No it’s not.

Taking Rodgers in the first round when everyone else was passing on him and they already had a HOF QB and everyone was wailing for immediate help to get a title and it was his first day, took balls the size of the Minnesota Twine Ball.

Here’s the deal: this draft class looks good, head-scratchers in the late rounds aside, but honestly, I think it’s a very similar draft to the one Ted Thompson would have had.

Then there’s the matter of free agency. I’m excited about Mo WIlkerson and (despite my skepticism) the fan base seems pumped about Jimmy Graham. There’s also the matter of cutting Jordy Nelson to factor into the equation.

All of this needs to play out before we know how his first season looks even in the short term. Yes, there’s lots of reason for optimism. Let’s give Gutey lots of credit – I know I sure am – but let’s also see if it all pans out before taking measurements for his bronze bust.

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