Day 2 Preview – 2018

With the trade up to get Alexander last night, the Packers only have 1 pick today. It’s 13 picks in. I really hope they do well with this one.
My #1 choice today would be Harold Landry. To come away with great players at their 2 biggest positions of need would be amazing. AMAZING. Unfortunately, I think Landry is the best player left, and it would likely require a trade up.
If that doesn’t happen, these are things to watch for:
Double up on CB
Yes, taking 2 corners should really be something they consider. Josh Jackson and Isaiah Oliver would make great choices at #45.
Take Ted’s “2nd Round Receiver”
Ted is still around. His 2nd round receiver record is amazing. Some potential options are Courtland Sutton and DJ Chark. A tier down would be James Washington and Christian Kirk, but I’m not sure I want either of those that high.
Try Pass Rush anyway
They could go with Lorenzo Carter or Josh Sweat. It’s a bit rich for me, but it’s possible. They might also be interested in the high floor guy Sam Hubbard.
Get a Guard
Will Hernandez is a stud, but he specializes in run blocking. They could try Austin Corbett too, but both would be too high for me. James Daniels is a stud C/G, and he could be in play too.
Get the Tackle
There seems to be a dropoff after Connor Williams. Get the last good one.
Get a #1 RB
Derrius Guice, Ronald Jones, and Nick Chubb are all franchise backs, and they are all still on the board.
Get a TE
With how high Hayden Hurst went yesterday, it might start a run for the remaining clump of TEs available. Dallas Goedert and Mike Gesicki are both likely going today. Again, I like both of those guys more than Mark Andrews, but then the clump of 4 are gone.
Grab a defensive big guy.
Maurice Hurst has the burst, but he also has a heart condition that needs to be monitored. If not for that, he easily would have went yesterday. Harrison Phillips should go today too.
I would assume that trading up to get a 2nd pick in today has to be something they are looking to do. We’ll see if they can find the right suitor, but there is a dropoff  coming around late round 2.


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